This website showcases work that’s now called ‘branded content’. It used to be known as ‘corporate video’, back when customers were called passengers.

All of the material on this site has been made by me (i’m not bothering to write this in the third person…you’d know I’d written it anyway). I shoot, cut, compose, grade and mix. This enables me to make great looking and sounding films at ‘a very competitive price-point’, which is what used to be called ‘economical’ back when refuse-operatives were called dustbin-men.

These films are all documentary, in that very few elements in them are ‘set up’. When I undertake a project I like to let it evolve…these aren’t commercials. Some of them are conveying quite complex messages, but in a manner that draws the viewer in and allows them to reach their own conclusion.

The Sunday Times has made me Pick of the Week for a feature film, a television sketch show, a radio comedy series and an album. When undertaking a project for a client, I bring all of that experience; and endeavour to make films with artistic flair and editorial integrity.

I’ve just had a sitcom commissioned by the BBC, I’m writing a series of rhyming children’s books about sad animals and once played New York’s legendary CBGB’s in a dress.

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